Why Are We Doing This?

We feel there have been grave injustices done to the Citizens of Canada, by SNC-Lavalin; with the support and collusion of the Justin Trudeau government.

We also believe that Justin Trudeau has attempted to cover this up.

Norman Traversy, came to the conclusion that the RCMP, Supervising Authorities, and the Main Stream Media will do nothing to address this blatant disregard for natural justice.

To rectify this, Norman Traversy filed a Private Prosecution against the ring leader, Justin P. J. Trudeau, as is his right as a free-born Canadian. He did this to protect and enforce his rights and the rights of his fellow Canadians.

The Documents Have Been Delivered!

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On July 1, 2020 we walked with thousands of supporters to the US Embassy with a 192 page document outlining the rampant corruption in Canada that has Justin Trudeau at its nexus. The US is now in receipt of this document.

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This is THE MOST IMPORTANT story in Canada now, and one of the most important stories in Canadian history. No-one has ever successfully filed criminal charges against a sitting Prime Minister.