July 1, 2020 in Ottawa! We Need Your Support!

Our planned march for July 1 in Ottawa is catching on and catching steam. We are requesting everyone meet at the Centennial Flame at 12 noon.

From there, we will peacefully walk over to the American Embassy where we will hand deliver a brief outlining the rampant corruption in Canada that has Justin Trudeau at its nexus. 

As you can imagine, interest in this fight is gaining and lots of inquires are coming in.

Norman has been on the phone steady responding to emails and media requests. Please be patient if you have submitted a request for a call back.

Here is some good news from Norman earlier today.

Today, Friday, June 19, 2020, I went to the American embassy in Ottawa and spoke to a representative. I told him that there would be a friendly crowd of over 5000 people in front of their doors on July 1st.

I said that one of us would like to present the embassy – the American government, with a document outlining the crimes of Justin Trudeau and the rampant corruption in Canada and the RCMP.

I stated that this would comprise a formal request for the FBI and the Mexican National police to investigate under the authority of section 27.5 of the USMCA, which comes into effect on that day.

He said he was looking forward to it and they would be prepared.

Thank you to all of you for your support of kind words, those who have come forward to volunteer their time, offering information and those who have gave so generously and contributed to the fight!

Hope to see you on July 1, 2020 in Ottawa!

For those asking, here is our GoFundMe page